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How do I use a web browser?

Exploring the web can be a more satisfying experience if you know more about the features of your web browser. This information will focus on using the web browsers Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Other browsers may or may not incorporate all of the same functions.

Tool Bars

Located across the top of a Web browser are tool bars. Toolbars contain options that help you navigate the Web.

Firefox 3 Tool bars

Internet Explorer 8 Tool bars

Frequently used browser options include:

Back - takes you backwards one link at a time, back through the last few web pages you have looked at.
Forward - lets you navigate forward through the links that you had already visited, then backed out of.
Reload/Refresh - this feature lets you request a fresh copy of a web page.
Home - takes you back to the home page that you have designated in your browser.
Search - allows you to search for web pages with keywords.
Print - the Print feature allows you to print the current page  to a printer connected to your computer.
Stop - stops the loading of a page; if you are waiting for a long time for a web page to appear, for instance, you can click Stop and the browser will stop loading it.
Bookmarks/Favorites - a listing of your favorite web sites.
Location/Address - the address or URL of the current page.

More information on these functions can be found in the Help menu of your browser.


How do I navigate Hand Kinesiology?

This site is divided into four sections; Bone and Joint Structure, Ligament Structure, Muscle Arrangement and Nerve Distribution. To move between sections, return to the home page. Return to the home page by clicking the Hand Kinesiology link at the bottom of a page or click the picture of the hand. The methods of navigation for this site include hyperlinks, site maps, clickable images and roll overs. Each of these methods is described below.


The Hand Kinesiology site contains hyperlinks (also called links) that take to other pages in the site.  Hyperlinks are indicated by underlined text. You may visit a link as often as you like.

Site Map

The site map contains an outline of the content of the site. It has links to all of the pages within the site. The site map is the easiest way to jump to a specific page. Go to the site map.

Clickable Images

Some images within the site contain "hot spots" that link to other pages. The arrow cursor will change to a hand when you are over a hot spot/link. Click the hot spot to go the other page.

Roll Overs

Some images contain "roll overs" As you roll your cursor over an image, parts of the image will change. Like the clickable images, the cursor will change to a hand when you are over a roll over. Roll overs may or may not be links.

How do I contact the authors?

Janice K. Loudon, PhD PT ATC
Associate Professor
Physical Therapy Education
Email address: jloudon@kumc.edu

Main Phone Number: (913) 588-6914
Fax Number: (913) 588-4568

Mailing Address:
3056 Robinson Hall
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160-7601

How do I get technical support for Hand Kinesiology?

You can call the KUMC IT Customer Support Help Desk at 913-588-7995. This number is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Network Specialist or Remote Access Specialist will take your call Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM through 6:00 PM. Calls outside of these hours will be taken by the Computer Room personnel. They will either resolve your problem or page the appropriate on-call technician.

You may also contact us 24 hours per day by sending an e-mail to helpdesk@kumc.edu. Your email will be answered during normal working hours.

When sending an email to the Customer Support Help Desk be sure to include the following: your name, your phone number, a detailed description of the problem, any error messages, and the date and time the problem occurred.