Film Number: 1119
Region: Head & Neck
Modality: Plain Film
Angiogram: No
Pathology: No
Contrast: No
Added: March 25, 2003
Last Updated: March 25, 2003

Anatomical Features: (click to hide)

1 Bregma
2 Outer table
3 Inner table
4 Coronal suture
5 Groove for the middle meningeal artery and vein
6 Orbital plate
7 Nasal spine of frontal bone
8a Frontal part of lateral orbital crest
8b Zygomatic part of lateral orbital crest
8c Maxillary part of inferior orbital crest
9 Cribriform plate
10 Superior meatus under the superior turbinate
11 Ostium of maxillary air sinus
12 Hard plate horizontal portion of palatine bone
13 Squamous suture
14 Internal occipital protuberance
15 External occipital protuberance
16 Lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone
17 Sphenoid air sinus
18 Diploic veins
19 Pterion
20 Anterior & posterior edge of greater wing of sphenoid bone
21 Anterior edge of lesser wing of sphenoid bone
22 Posterior edge of lesser wing of sphenoid bone
23 Groove for optic chiasm
24 Anterior clinoid process
25 Floor of hypophyseal fossa
26 Posterior clinoid process
27 Dorsum sellae
28 Clivus
29 Right external auditory canal
31 Right mandibular condyle
32 Lambdoid suture
33 Mastoid air cells
34 Internal occipital crest
35 External occipital crest
36 Groove for occipital sinus
38 Mandibular fossa (right)
39 Occipital condyle
40 Neck of mandible
41 Anterior margin of foramen
42 Nasal pharynx
A Frontal bone
B Parietal bone
C1 Squamous part of temporal bone
C2 Acoustic part of temporal bone
C3 Mastoid part of temporal bone
D Occipital bone
E Ramus of mandible

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