PA chest, 52-year-old Female

Film Number: 3102
Region: Chest
Modality: Plain Film
Angiogram: No
Pathology: No
Contrast: No
Added: August 12, 2002
Last Updated: August 12, 2002

Anatomical Features: (click to hide)

1 Posterior junction line
2 Proximal right clavicle
3 Aortic arch (knob)
4 Coracoid process of scapula
5 Inferior angle of scapula
6 Carina
7 Right main bronchus
8 Left main bronchus
9 Right minor (horizontal) fissure
10 Right atrium
11 Left ventricle
12 Medial skinfold of left breast
13 Medial border of scapula

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