PA Chest, 77-year-old Female

Case Study Number: 0036

Film Number: 3125
Region: Chest
Modality: Plain Film
Angiogram: No
Pathology: Yes
Contrast: No
Added: September 19, 2002
Last Updated: September 19, 2002

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Lateral Chest
(Image Unlabeled)

You make the call...

History: 77-year-old female with high blood pressure.
PA and lateral CXR: Is it normal? What do you think accounts for the “mass” to the left of the spine on PA view going from T5 to the diaphragm?
CT: Study “dynamic” scan through upper chest (images 1-12). “Dynamic” scan means rapid infusion of intravenous iodine contrast material and rapid scanning to render the vascular structures higher density on CT scans.
1. Which arm was injected with dense iodine contrast material?
2. Is the ascending aorta normal?
3. Is descending aorta normal? If not, in simple terms, what is wrong with it?
4. What do you think darker (less dense) material at back of descending aorta might be?
5. Which cardiac chamber is visible?
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