PA Chest

Film Number: 3127
Region: Chest
Modality: Plain Film
Angiogram: No
Pathology: No
Contrast: No
Added: September 18, 2002
Last Updated: September 18, 2002

Anatomical Features: (click to hide)

A Trachea
B Clavicular "companion shadow" caused by soft tissue overlying the clavicle
C Corocoid process of left scapula
D Anterior junction line (anterior right and left upper lobe pleura approximate one another)
E Posterior segment of the right 7th rib
F Left lateral wall of the descending aorta
G Right pedicle T8
H Anterior segment of the left 4th rib
I Azygo-esophageal line (medial margin of right lung in the azygo-esophageal recess)
J Right lateral "costophrenic sulcus" (clinical term-fluid in pleural space tends to accumulate here)
K Gastric "bubble"

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