Abdominal aortogram, 51-year-old Female

Film Number: 4606
Region: Abdomen
Modality: Angiogram
Angiogram: Yes
Pathology: No
Contrast: Yes
Added: January 16, 2003
Last Updated: January 16, 2003

Anatomical Features: (click to hide)

1 Abdominal aorta
2 Right renal artery
3 Left renal artery
4 Lumbar arteries
5 Catheter in lumen of aorta
6 Inferior mesenteric artery
7 Right common iliac artery
8 Left common iliac artery
9 Median sacral artery
10 Right external iliac artery
11 Right internal iliac artery
12 Left internal iliac artery
13 Left external iliac artery
14 Superior rectal artery

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