Iliac arteriogram, 48-year-old Male

Film Number: 5601
Region: Pelvis
Modality: Angiogram
Angiogram: Yes
Pathology: No
Contrast: Yes
Added: January 31, 2003
Last Updated: January 31, 2003

Anatomical Features: (click to hide)

1 Right common iliac artery
2 Left common iliac artery
3 Right external iliac artery
4 Right internal iliac artery
5 Left internal iliac artery
6 Left external iliac artery
7 Anterior division of right internal iliac artery
8 Right superior gluteal artery
9 Left superior gluteal artery
10 Right inferior gluteal artery
11 Anterior division of left internal iliac artery
12 Left inferior gluteal artery
13 Right inferior epigastric artery
14 Left inferior epigastric artery
15 Left internal pudendal artery
16 Left femoral artery (common femoral artery)
17 Left femoral artery (superficial femoral artery)
18 Left profunda femoris artery (deep artery of thigh)
19 Left lateral circumflex femoral artery

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