image: 12 total
study: MRI Abdomen- Coronal
age: n/a
sex: Unknown

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SC. Spinal cord
S. Spleen
RC. Right crus of the diaphragm
L Ad. Left adrenal gland
RK. Right kidney
LK. Left kidney
L. Liver
LC. Left crus of the diaphragm
P. Pancreas
V. Inferior vena cava (IVC)
A. Aorta
L RA. Left renal artery
Ps. Psoas muscle
PV. Portal vein
St. Stomach
R RA. Right renal artery
L gv. Left gonadal vein
DC. Descending colon
SMV. Superior mesenteric vein
SMA. Superior mesenteric artery
SF. Splenic flexure of the colon
IC. Iliac crest
TC. Transverse colon
FLth. Fissure for ligamentum teres hepatis
Lth. Ligamentum teres hepatis
OS. Sternum
pcl. Phrenico-colic ligament